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Memtron offers the finest selection of Stickers & Labels to a wide array of clientele with more than 14 years of industry experience. We manufacture and export Flexible Membrane Keypads, Vinyl Labels, PCB Backed Membrane Keypads, Dome Labels, Metal Labels, Standard Machine Keypad, EL Backlighting, Graphic Overlays & Decals, Mimic Panel Diagrams, Metal Nameplates and Reflective Signage. We are situated in Gandhinagar, Gujarat with a skilled design staff that comprehends customer needs and chooses components and designs in accordance with them.

Our operational strategy meets client expectations as our membrane keypad can operate reliably under challenging working conditions. Multinational corporations, autos, electronics, retail centres, hotels, and many more establishments use our products frequently.

A membrane switch and keyboard are pressure-sensitive devices with flexible flat surfaces printed with merely outlines and symbols. When the vital top areas are pressed with an external force, keypads function through electrical contact between the keyboard surface and the underlying circuits.

The fundamental idea guiding an air compressed keypad’s operation is that the contact located behind a tactile or non-tactile key closes an open loop of the polyamide circuit that terminates on the flexible tail. Flexible keyboards, illuminated keyboards, waterproof keyboards, embossed keyboards, hybrid keyboards, front facia keyboards, tactile and non-tactile keyboards, and many other membrane keyboards and electronics keypad options are available.

Our input switches, keypads, and keyboards are the most dependable among makers of healthcare and medical devices. Due to our in-house innovative machinery, we are unique in the keypad production industry. They are expertly produced in line with established industrial regulations and international quality standards. To satisfy the various needs of the clients, we also provide a variety of textures, polishes and thicknesses.


Over 20 years experience of producing custom products & Innovative Solutions for electronics industry.


At Memtron, our product range is extensively utilized in the electronic and instrumentation sector globally. We are proud suppliers to the electronics and instrumentation sector for our wide range of products to this sector.


  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Quality Raw material
  • Finish
  • Wear & tear resistance
  • Adhesive Capacity


  • Exposing machine
  • Coating machine
  • Screen Printing Machine
  • CNC Cutting Machine
  • Digital Printing Machine

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