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Flexible Membrane Keypads

Depending on the design and application, a flexible membrane keypad with or without a connector is manufactured at Memtron. The keys are placed between multiple layers of flexible polymer sheets that have been punched (usually polyester). This flexible membrane keypad is made in accordance with global quality standards utilising premium materials and cutting-edge technology. Conductive silver ink is silk-screened onto the top and bottom membrane layers of the polyamide circuits. Keypads that are affordable, dependable, and have an essential life of more than 2 to 5 million keystrokes are also lighter than a PCB. Flexible circuits enable product forms that stiff PCBs cannot support.

To address any immediate client requirement, we have full in-house production capabilities. We have a clean, controlled-temperature, well-ventilated, and non-hazardous facility that is ideal for producing membrane keypads. We take great care to reduce rejection at all production stages, including film exposure, printing, drying, and assembly. We have a tool area where we manufacture dyes and fixtures. Our automated label-cutting system is cost-effective, meets the necessary dimensional tolerances, and shortens delivery times.

These flexible polyamide keypads are frequently found in household appliances, communication systems, and industrial equipment. Our professionals rigorously test the offered keypad against several quality criteria to guarantee its perfection.

The Incentives for Products & Services from Memtron Include

  • Improved tactile feedback for better functionality
  • Less contact bounce
  • Longer switch life and greater reliability due to the absence of any metal part
  • Use of silver, carbon and insulation inks
  • Better dust, water and chemical resistance
  • Additional protection against oxidation
  • Flexible-membrane-keypads


  • Keyboards Include Options for Embossing
  • Available Selective Doming Keyboards
  • Keyboard Connector Option
  • Keyboards with Selective Texturing
  • FRP / Metal Base Plates
  • Keyboards are available in Braille
  • Gold-plated PCBs and domes
  • Sealing Gasket Made of Rubber
  • Protecting against EMI, RFI, and EMC
  • Protection of IP
  • Front Overlays that are customised
  • Customised Acrylic or FRP Enclosure
  • Several Types of Overlay Materials
  • Laser Cutting for Precise Cutting and Important Forms
  • Keyboards with ROHS compliance
  • Comes with Integrated LEDs