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Graphic Overlays & Decals

Screen printed Top layer of Membrane keypad known as Graphic layer. Material can be used Polycarbonate / Polyester with matt / gloss finish as per customer requirement. Graphic layer is an integral part of membrane switch, which gives locations of switches, window, LEDs, printing matters with logo and title of Instruments. Screen-printing colored inks on basic material creates graphic images. Once printed and cut to size & shape, this layer becomes the Graphic Overlay. It is color combination and layout gives look to the finish product of customer.

Whether your application is covering a membrane switch or just to best present product controls, our line of graphic overlays will customize your product handsomely.

Decal is Composed of the Following Layers from top to Bottom

  • A paper or film face stock makes up the top layer of the label stock. The printing is done on the upper side of the face stock.
  • An adhesive layer is applied to the bottom of the face stock.
  • A silicone or release coating layer is applied to the upper side of the backing material.
  • A paper or film liner provides the bottom layer of the label stock.