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PCB Based Membrane Keypads

A glass epoxy PCB, a hard-backed PCB, and a thin polyester layer coated with conductive silver make up a PCB based keypad. These two layers are separated by a spacer that features air vents for flawless switch operation. These keyboards come in tactile and non-tactile varieties, and they can be embossed or not. These keyboards can be constructed with built-in LEDS and can have LEDs for the backlighting.

There are tactile, non-tactile, and capacitive switches for PCB based membrane keypad. Regarding construction, they are also available in single-sided, double-sided, or multilayered forms. These keypads offer a wide range of connectivity possibilities.

Memtron’s PCB-based membrane keypads and keyboards can be specially designed to meet various requirements and last for a long time. To protect the equipment from contamination, the switches have internal vents and are sealed. These PCB-based keypads offer qualities like endurance and robustness. During the keypad’s final assembly, a printed graphics overlay was put right on the board.

Layers of Constructing a PCB-based Membrane Switch Keypad

  • Graphic Overlay
  • Graphic Adhesive
  • Dome retainer or ESD mesh
  • Spacer Adhesive
  • Metal Domes
  • PCB – Gold platted or TIN platted
  • Back Adhesive

PCB-Based Membrane Keypad Perks

  • Overlay, adhesive, and material systems that are specific to an application
  • Selective material finishes on a polyester graphic overlay
  • Selective textures and finishes printed (clear window, anti-glare, secret til lit phosphorescent)
  • Metal dome tactile response embossed tactile response (dome, rim, plateau, de-emboss, braille), or a combination
  • Better possibilities for circuit track
  • Equipment and fittings for machines
  • Come with a mounted panel and significantly save weight and space
  • IP certification helps electric equipment users conserve energy
  • Electronics have PCB and foil that are hermetically sealed